Who We Are

Innowave Tech Pte Ltd. provides a full suite of customised services in terms of industry digitalisation and intelligence transformation for all our customers. These encompass productivity, quality, as well as tool efficiency.

Our services include i4.0 Set-Up with Smart Sensors, Computer Vision for real-time defect detection and classification, Automated Inspection Stations (Macro/Micro), Assembly Line Automation, Customised AGVs and Smart Stockers, as well as Data Ecosystem and Integration. With our team of experts and technology leaders of AI and intelligent automation from the semiconductor industry, from consultancy services through to implementing physical solutions, we are there for our customers all the way.

Our Mission

Our 2020 Road Map and Plan is to build on our current development team of competent engineers for a continuous talent pipeline in the area of data science, big data and AI modeling, industry IoT in Singapore. This will accelerate our growth so as to serve more customers in Singapore and overseas. Moreover, we are in discussion with university computer science teams on the possibility of collaborations.

Expertise Focus

Power behind Innowave

Big Data Infrastructure

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Applied Solutions

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