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Wafer Defects Detection and Classification is an integral part of wafer fabrication process. Every defected defect is handled as an indicator of some process malfunction. It can detect 6" and 8" Wafers and Macro Inspection - ~100μm defects.
  • Key Features
  • Main Functions
  • Product Specifications
  • Application Examples

Key Features

Multiple defect detection

  • Missing dies, cracked dies within the reel
  • Small scratches on the die can also be detected
  • OCR reading to detect marking defects
  • Foreign material detection

High Accuracy of Detection

  • Detect up to 90% of defects 
  • Minimum detectable size of 0.5mm for each reel pocket

High-resolution images

  • Equipped with a 12.3MP industrial camera and a high-resolution lens, capturing images in high resolution for detection is not an issue
  • These images can then be pushed to a centralized server to view remotely in the office.

Special light design

  • Our in-house designed light allows for the capturing of images at multiple angles
  • Allows for the best illumination to detect all types of defects

Main Functions

Inspection of defects located on die within each reel pocket

Defect types to be detected can be specified. Our custom in-house developed algorithm is capable of detecting foreign material within the die pocket, missing, cracked or scratched dies, read the marking on the die and match it to the database to see if there are any defects, and many more.

Inspection of tape surrounding the die pocket

The condition of the tape surrounding the die pocket can also be inspected for foreign material, condition of seal, etc., depending on your needs.

Product Specifications

Package type
Pocket Pitch
2 mm, 4 mm
Carrier Tape Width
8 mm
Package Size
Min. 0.45 (L) x 0.43 (W) x 0.19 (H) mm
Camera Resolution
12.3 MP
Pixel Size (um)
3.45 × 3.45
Customized segmented ring + coaxial lighting combination
20K - 120K*
(*Based on optimal reel quality and minimal inspection criteria)
Recipe Handling
Ethernet, SECS/GEM Ready
Machine Size
89 cm (L) x 60 cm (W) x 145 cm (H)
Reel Size
Up to 330 mm in diameter
Inspection Criteria
Foreign material, tape seal, missing or wrong marking on die, wrong orientation of die, scratches, chipping, cracked dies, missing dies.
Min. Detectable Defect Size
0.5 mm

Application Examples

  1. Automated Reel Inspection
  2. Packaging QA