Auto Defect Inspection
Micro and Macro defects detection
Defect classification
Modular design
Ultra-rapid inspection
Augments/Improves existing AOI
Real-time, high accuracy detection
AI-Enabled Factory Automation
Emulates human judgement and response
Automates equipment operation
Rapidly connects equipment to server with AI

Track and traceability of WIP and inventory
Customized hardware for different product forms
RFID (LF/HF/UHF), barcode, PTL, weight sensors, etc
Automates patrolling of any kind
Mobile sensing and inspection
Navigates in ultra-dynamic environments
Rapid sensor and gateway development
Global supply of sensors and IoT application
Dashboard for data visualization and analysis
Industrial AR glasses solution
Remote collaboration, SOP, object recognition
Ultra-lightweight, low heat, designed for safety
AI Enterprise Software  
Streamlines entire manufacturing process: from quotation to production, QC to delivery Track inventory, procurement, and sales AI-enabled creation of production advise and IWO Integrate defect detection with QC process
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