Zero-Defect Solution

Our Zero-Defect Solutions are crafted to elevate your operations to a realm of perfection. Every manufacturing path is distinctive; hence, we present a variety of solutions to meet your unique needs, be it sensing-centric, AI-centric, or a blend of both, ensuring a seamless zero-defect manufacturing journey

Vision Product

Discover our IWT Vision product , a cutting-edge solution melding advanced optical technology with the power of Wavelength AI. This innovation significantly amplifies accurancy in defect detection, mimicking human situational judgement, thus, propelling quality, and productivitiy in manufacturing to new heights.

Vision Inspection Tool:

In a realm where precise inspection is crucial, our Vision Inspection Tool emerges as a game-changer. Harmoniously integrating both sensing and AI components to offer an unparalleled inspection experience. Choose from our flagship models, engage in meticulous inspection, and delve into comprehensive examinations with our tool, making every inspection not just about detection, but perfection.

Our sensing is engineered for precise inspection, offering a range of features from micro to macro defect inspections, front and backside inspection capabilities, flexible application options, hyperspectral analysis, and modular design for easy customization.

Experience the intelligence of our Smart AI platform, automated precision through Auto-Defect Classification and Defect Root Cause Mapping, predictive analytics for equipment health, advanced query features, and robust defect detection capabilities. Our software doesn’t just identify issues; it learns and evolves, ensuring a future-ready inspection solution.