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Industrial IoT

One-stop solutions to implement IoT in your factory - from consultancy services and sensors installation to data visualization or analysis.

Smarter Factories, Cities, Medical, and Energy.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. It is dramatically altering manufacturing, energy, transportation, cities, medical, and other industrial sectors. Most experts believe that IIoT is happening now and with very tangible, measurable business impact.

The IIoT enables companies to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from sensors to maximize the efficiency of machines and the throughput of an entire operation. Applications include motion control, machine-to-machine, predictive maintenance, smart energy and smart grid, big data analytics, and smart and connected medical systems.

Innowave Tech provides one-stop solutions to implement IoT in your factory – this includes consultancy and problems identification, sensors installation, data acquisition, data analysis, and data visualization.