INNOWAVE Tech's Holistic Solutions

Smart Factory Solutions

  • Communication + Remote Access + Automation
  • Enable automated remote monitoring/remote control through Data Ecosystem Automation

Smart factory is a new stage of modern factory information development. On the basis of digitized factories, information management and services are strengthened by utilizing the technology and equipment monitoring technology of Internet of Things(IOT). The main purpose of smart factory is to clearly grasp the production and marketing process, improve the controllability of production process, reduce manual intervention on production line, collect production line data correctly and instantly, and make reasonable production planning and progress. 

Innowave Tech understands complete scope of automation. We minimize cost and disruption and maximize ROI through the system development and deployment with the right piecemeal approaches. Carries out comprehensive supervision and overall analysis of the production process, and forms a new mode of smart factory management.

Industry Pain Points

Difficulty in controling monitoring tools

There are many kinds of monitoring and management systems in the factory. All of them operate independently and are managed separately. Therefore, the operation and maintenance personnel can not understand the production situation and process flow in real time comprehensively and accurately.

Complications due to multiple production systems

While production data are scattered in different management platforms, management decision-making needs to integrate the overall data for analysis. Scattered and fragmented data can not support managers to make efficient decisions timely. 

Inefficiency of inspection and maintenance works 

The factory has the characteristic of large-scale plant area, many production systems and scattered monitoring equipments. The inspection mainly relies on human resouces, which is under great pressure causing high costs. The operation and maintenance personnel can not find the problems in time.

Challenge of storage materials tracing in multiple batches

ERP, BOM and other information have poor traceability, information statistics lag behind. It is difficult to manage materials and inventory.