About Us

Who We Are

About Us

We are a Singaporean Industrial Intelligence company that specializes in machine learning, machine vision, and computer vision. By unlocking the power of AI, we aid manufacturers achieve their Digitization and AI Transformation goals.

Our steadfast dedication to innovation and applied AI, together with intimate working relationships with the industry, have given us deep insights in various gaps that can effectively bridged by artificial intelligence.

"Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Driven by Innovation"

Fundamental Principles

Innowave Tech aspires to accompany our customers in their journey towards achieving Zero Defects. This is accomplished with our 3 Fundamental Principles.

Customer First

With every project, our sole focus is always on the Customer. We earn and preserve our customers' trust by ensuring that all efforts are geared towards making them successful.

Tenacity To Win

Preserving a startup's culture of grit, we exhibit an unassailable spirit to succeed. We power through every low moment by backing and inspiring one another.

Continued Innovation

Never to rest on our laurels, we never take our eyes off our research efforts. Our close relationships with customers give us valuable insights on what technologies to focus.