Fully Automated Computer Vision

For Productivity and Quality

Total Solutions

Automated inspection station with Auto Loader and AGV option

  • Bi-directional AGV, smart navigation system, high positional accuracy system
  • Automatic wafer loader
  • Wafer ID auto recognition option by OCR, neural-network or QR code reader

Modular selection

Vision system with smart detection and classification

  • High accuracy linear motor x-y and fast detection algorithm for UPH
  • Customised design based on customer needs and built for efficiency and reliability
  • Integrated micro- and macro-defect detection
  • Quantitative local and global colour analysis


Analytical platform, automatic judgement & prediction

  • Image storage and search function
  • Analysis platform, auto judgement and classification
  • Customized analysis for root-cause determination
  • Trend prediction, Equipment alert
  • Integrate with factory MES and Statistical Process Control

Smart Vision Applications

  • Resist defect detection

  • Edge defect

  • Real-time equipment chuck defect detection

  • Image auto judgement

  • Position error detection

  • Discoloration detection

  • Wafer pattern inspection

  • Thermal image detection

  • Dimensions and shape judgement

  • Backside and Front side macro-defect detection

Some examples

Customised AGV

Auto wafer Loading

Programable inspection

Macro inspection

Defect Detection

Smart Analysis

Computer Vision Products

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Warranty1 year

Defect detection with Computer Vision, enabling:

  • Macro-defect detection
  • Resist defect detection
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Trend prediction
  • Increased savings as a result of earlier stage detection
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