Incorporating the latest bio-metric technology in facial recognition and thermal detection, InnoAccess lowers your company’s operating costs and significantly improves not only the experience of your employees and customers, but their health and safety as well.

Key features:

  • Temperature Screening
  • Efficient HR Management
  • Multiple Access Medium
  • Highly Secured
  • Visitor Management System
  • In-depth Analytics

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Common business problems

Key Misplacement

Businesses and employees constantly deal with losing keys and access cards

Health & Safety Hazard

The lack of systematic temperature screening and tracking puts employees at risk and can cause unnecessary labor disruptions to the company.

Identity Fraud

Current access technology such as Number Codes or RFID Cards can be shared with people other than their intended owners. This makes it difficult for companies to properly track and account for their employees

Labour Waste

Companies often must delegate a person to issue keys, manage room resources, and take temperature. This ties up valuable human resources which can otherwise be deployed to more value-added operations.

Special Configurations

Temperature Threshold

Configure the system to restrict people with body temperature above a certain level.

Multiple Access Methods

InnoAccess can be configured to allow access based on a combination of conditions: Face, Body Temperature, Mask, Remote Open.

Mask Detection

InnoAccess is smart enough to recognize faces wearing facial masks. Configure to only allow mask wearers into your business premises.

Whitelisting Users

Each device can be configured separately to allow access to specific users only. This lets you install InnoAccess for rooms with specific user access. E.g. Managers offices, meeting rooms, security rooms, etc


Management Software

Multiple Roles

Manage supervisors, staff, and guests

InnoAccess allows you to add supervisors who will be in charge of various departments, staff, and guests. These supervisors will receive alerts for various events.

Temperature Alert

Alert supervisors and EHS officers of fevers

When anybody with a fever, including guests/strangers, is detected, an SMS and email alert will be sent to their supervisors and/or EHS officers immediately.

Enforce Temperature Taking

Scanning of face at least twice a day

If a staff/guest did not have their temperature taken at least twice a day with a X hours apart, an SMS and email alert will be sent to their supervisors immediately

Full Access Log

Full history of users' scanned faces

InnoAccess keeps a full history of face scans, including information like name, location, temperature, employee ID, timestamp, and photo taken. The list can be exported easily.

Shifts Management

Create multiple shifts

Shifts will be used to enforce temperature taking, and also attendance taking. InnoAccess allows for flexible shift management, including A/B teams and staggered work hours.

Generating Reports

Quickly access valuable data by date

Easily download Excel spreadsheets of information such as face scans, attendance, and infringements (eg fever, failure to take temperature at least twice a day)

Quick Backup/Restore

Export/import registered users lists easily

InnoAccess makes it very easy to export and download the entire registered users list for backup. Restoring access list is also as simple as click of a button.

Custom Development

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