Factory Intelligence Solutions

In the modern era of manufacturing, intelligence is the key to efficiency and productivity. Our comprehensive Factory Intelligence Solutions are tailored to meet the demands of cutting-edge industries. 

From meticulous parts and material tracking to advanced automated patrolling and precise measurement-taking, our solutions encompass every intricate detail of factory operations. We prioritize seamless connectivity, bridging the gap between tools and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), ensuring all components of your production line speak the same language. Furthermore, our suite of sensors is designed to cater to your factory's unique needs, optimizing processes and guaranteeing results. 

With Factory Intelligence Solutions, we've got you covered. Elevate your operations, drive forward your manufacturing goals, and ensure the future of your factory is smart, efficient, and ahead of the curve


Track and Traceability
HardwareCustom-made RacksRetrofitted HardwareTechnologyLF/HF/UHF RFIDBarcode ScanningPick-to-LightWeight SensorsVideo Analysis AISoftware FeaturesWIP TrackingFOUP, Reels, WafersOther produced goodsInventory TrackingStore / WarehouseProduction lineConsumables and ReusablePM Material TrackingCritical partsTools, Tool bits, ToolingIn-line Material OrderingData AnalyticsForecastingAlerts and Integrations
InnoTrac enhances productivity by facilitating quick search and location, minimizing lost WIP and critical parts, and integrating with MES, PM systems, and ERP to generate alerts, provide process visibility, and minimize waste.


InnoBot offers optimal detection and accuracy with advanced sensors and AI technology, providing 24/7 surveillance.

InnoBot utilizes advanced navigation technology for dynamic routing and efficient fleet management, improving factory efficiency. Its intelligent detection system identifies various scenarios, ensuring prompt alerts and safety measures. InnoBot can conduct tasks like equipment and safety checks and providing alarms for exceeding critical measurements. Long-term data analysis enables trend identification and informed decision-making for optimized operations.​

Overall, the InnoBot with AI capabilities revolutionizes fleet management, expands human capital through streamlining factory operations and ensuring employee safety.


InnoConnect is a connectivity solution to eliminate data silos and create a unified data infrastructure that enables factory-wide data fusion. This establishes a cohesive platform that seamlessly integrates and consolidates data from diverse sources within a factory setting.InnoBot offers optimal detection and accuracy with advanced sensors and AI technology, providing 24/7 surveillance.
InnoConnect reduces data silos and create a unified data infrastructure that enables factory-wide data fusion. This allows for comprehensive analytics, real-time monitoring, and predictive insights. Factory operators and decision-makers will have access to a holistic view of equipment data and make commands to control operations remotely.​

InnoConnect facilitates comprehensive data analysis, generating operational insights, and drive optimization initiatives to improve overall factory performance.​


InnoIoT sensors improve visibility into asset performance and enable data-driven decision-making in smart manufacturing. They drives digital transformation, enhance operational efficiency, and offer a hassle-free installation with quick ROI.


InnoIoT sensors collect various data parameters from machinery and equipment on the factory floor, providing insights into asset performance and productivity. This data, including temperature, humidity, vibration, and acoustics, is transmitted to a central system for analysis and correlation with historical data. 

This enables predictive maintenance, process optimization, and real-time monitoring.

InnoIoT sensors drives digital transformation, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved operational efficiency in smart manufacturing.