Industrial AI Platform

Advanced Manufacturing Industries strive to achieve zero defects, as there can be dire consequences as a result of an escaped defect. This critical challenge is overshadowed by a common yet complex three-axis problem of Quality, Cost and Productivity.
At present, to gurantee quality and hence zero defect is highly costly in terms of acquiring more resources, and at times comes at the cost of productivity.
Therefore, Innowave Tech has created A one-stop unified solution to implement zero defect solutions acros the factory line and optimise resource allocation.

Platform-Integrated Dataset Management

Unlike platforms that use third-party data warehouses. has its own integrated dataset management system with data ownerhip control such as intra-department access allowing teams to work independently without affecting others.
The database management system offers the following features:
  • Versatile File Compatibility (.png, .jpg, .xlsx, .csv, .mp4, etc)
  • Custom Tags for Precision Management of Data
  • Efficient Filtering for Targeted Insight
  • Seamless Dataset Creation
The datasets being displayed are public datasets used as placeholders


Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) is a system used in manufacturing and quality control to automatically identify and categorize defects in products or materials. It employs sensor data, imaging technology and machine learning to analyze and classify defects, enhancing product quality and reducing production costs. 
Remote Equipment Central Control (RECC) is a remote access management platform that gives users the ability to manage and control access to their computer systems, networks, and devices from a remote location. For example, users can use RECC to create recipes and process lots with all the information required made available to them.
Other Services can be customize to customers needs.

Technological Overview

1. Computer Vision Technologies
Greatly Enhance Image Quality & Precise Focus Adjustments
Advanced Pattern Localization for Recipes without Pretraining
Versatile "Segment Anything" Capabilities
Rapid deployment with low data requirement using Normative Standard Anomaly Detection
2. Specialized Model Suites
Modular: Flexible Application Development
Adaptive: Evolve with Reinforced Learning
Extensible: User-customized Application Creation
3. Local Deployed Large Language Model (alpha release in December)
Automated Workflow Conversion from SOPs to AI Applications
Extract Insights from Extensive & Sensitive Data Repositories
Actionable intelligence in human readable language