Our Team

Xu Jinsong

Managing Director

Jinsong has over 25 years experience in the semiconductor industry, with experience in Engineering, Quality, fab transformation from IDM to the foundry and new Fab start-up project management. Achievements include as Head of Quality in leading international the company led the organization to achieve the world-class automotive quality standard, YOY quality improvement and Singapore quality award etc...

After graduating with a Bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, Jinsong then went on to obtain his Master's degree in Materials Science in 1995. In 2011, he participated and graduated in the Asia leaders program (Temasek Holdings & INSEAD) and acquired the Harvard leadership course certificate in 2014.

Michelle Phua

Director of Operations

Michelle has over 22 years experience in semiconductor industry, working on CIM and Fab information integration and upgrade, automation, productivity and cycle time improvement. As Head of the manufacturing department, she successfully led her department to achieve 9% productivity improvement through automation. One of her success stories was to lead the integration and upgrading of fab systems, retiring 80 legacy systems to converge to one unified and highly efficient platform.

She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Materials Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.

Terence Tay

Director of Technology and Development

Terence has 14 years experience in both the United States and China semiconductor start-ups as Head of Analytics. He established data science capabilities from scratch in China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore to improve product quality, yield, reduce manufacturing costs and time-to-market. He recruited more than 30 data science professionals to date and generated close to 40 system applications over the past 5 years on Big Data platform and related technologies.

Terence graduated from NUS with Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) in 2005, became a licensed Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI in 2014 and acquired Big Data Foundation Certificate from Cloud Credential Council in 2017.

Mike Feng

Head of Solutions

Mike has spent 14 years running a software company he started in college, developing applications for customers from all over the world. He has single-handedly conceptualized, developed, marketed, and managed over a dozen applications for both consumers and businesses across various industries. Deeply involved in the dynamic world of startups, he can quickly distill seemingly complex technological problems into simple, straightforward solutions that fulfill the needs of businesses.

Mike wrote his first code at age 10 on an IBM 386. Solving real world problems with code is his lifelong work.

Team members specialized in the following three areas:

Applied Solutions

  • Software Developer

  • Computer Vision System Engineer

  • IOT Systems Engineer

  • Statistics/ Modeling/ Machine Learning Engineer

Technology Research

  • Data scientists in Imaging, AR, Signal Processing

Big Data Infrastructure

  • Big Data Infrastructure Engineers, DevOps

  • Data Quality and Governance Engineer